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Wolf River Riders ATV Club

Meeting Minutes 4/20/19


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Jack Andrashko


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Acct:  3129.03

Savings Acct:  7152.47

Plus $5000 in escrow for White Lake Bridge Project, to be refunded. (4 clubs each gave $5000)

Approved and Seconded


Trail Report:  None


New and Old Business Discussion:

*Jack attended Forest County Meeting.

*ATV clubs need to organize to promote trails.

*Discussion regarding invasive species.

*Other counties are opening streets.  Rhinelander streets are open(ing).

*Proposed Bill to open roads to restaurants, gas stations, hotels.  See Wis State Statues 23.33 4.(d) and ADD #8, which was handed out at club meeting. It states:

  1. On roadways for the purpose of residential access and for the purpose of lodging or other commerce. The town, village, city, or county may designate a preferred route or trail and erect signs marking the route to the place of commerce…


*Disrespect is closing trails and routes.  Especially trails by Forest Road.  Other road in danger is Pickerel Lake Road! Patrolling will be enforced.  Recreational officers can be hired.  Sheriff will be patrolling.  County gets extra funds to patrol so they will be using these funds.

Need to start ticketing speeders and off-trail violators.

Unfortunately, machines are being made for conditions not allowed on trails and routes.

*Cannot ride ditches or shoulders of roads, trails need to be outside the roadway right-a-way.

*People need to start attending their area township and county supervisor meetings.  Get meeting dates online.  Need to work together.  Email your representatives.

*Get surrounding clubs to help promote opening routes.  Use Club money to promote.  Appoint committee once we know if other clubs with participate.


Motion to join WATVA again. Passed.

Motion to donate to Pickerel Rescue to sponsor one hole of golf fundraiser.  Passed.


People need to get involved.  Otherwise clubs are going to fold and there will be no support.


Demo Day at Hummer’s June 1, 11:00-3:00.  Test-drive ATV’s and UTV’s from area businesses.  Food and Drinks available.


Motion to adjourn:  10:15 a.m.