2021 Meeting Minutes

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Wolf River Riders ATV/UTV Club Minutes 2021

September 18th, 2021, at 9 A.M. at Jerry Schuh’s Sportsman’s Bar

A total of 9 members attended, & the meeting was called to order by the President Jamie Prouse.

August meeting minutes were read & approved by board.

2 New memberships were reported.

Jan Fisher gave treasurer’s report which was approved.

Jan stated that we needed to vote on whether to renew the cd certificate or not. Everyone was in favor to renew. No one opposed. Motion was made to approve & was granted.


Trail Report:

The trails were reported cleared & in good condition. The partial gate that was made permanent was still solving the problem of vehicles driving across the bridge.

No other complaints about trails themselves.

Mainly now it’s complaints of speeders & people drive where they aren’t supposed to.


Old Business:

ATV/UTV most common broken laws posters are now posted at all pitstops.

Still waiting for 10 hats, 2 t shirts & 2 sweatshirts from screen printer.

DNR have been patrolling & ticketing speeders.

They may be changing the ATV laws concerning the use of 2 up aftermarket seats, right now they aren’t legal. That may be changing soon.

The Langlade chamber of commerce went on an ATV/UTV ride with Jamie Prouse & a few other club members that were available upon short notice to assemble a ride. Thank You for everyone that was able to help get video/pictures to advertise for the club & the sport itself. They will publish ads later this year & some next year. The chamber of commerce received a grant that will reimburse the club somehow for the trails not the routes that we have.


New Business:

2 New members this month.

Right now, we have 1,420 likes & 1,509 followers on Facebook.

New trail on Hwy K to Hwy U is now open, so you can make a small loop- Yippee!

If we apply to get other county roads open a month prior to their county meeting, it may be approved faster. Also, we can try for a year around use ATV/UTV route, by first asking for a one year trial.

There have been problems on Jungle Lake Rd with ATVs/UTVs they aren’t allowed on there, even though it’s not in our territory, Jamie still wants to address this.

There also a lot of people riding without their headlights on.

DNR are starting to allow in-person training for club members that are interested, so that the club could start ATV safety training courses. Those who are interested in being a certified ATV/UTV instructor, there would be 2 meetings for 4 hours each for total of 8 hours. Chris Brook, Jack & Jamie Prouse are interested in getting trained. If anyoneelse is interested, call Jamie.

We are trying to get a statewide community/ Rescue trail numbering system figured out & trails marked accordingly. There is 2-year grants for these new signs on all trails ATV/UTV, snowmobile, etc...

The club will be receiving a case of pamplets on the ATV/UTV laws from the DNR.

We voted on whether to reorder clothing or wait till next year. All agreed to wait intel next year.

We have 7 landowners that our trails cross and we have been giving them $50 gift certificates from pickerel/pearson business association. We were all in favor of increasing that to $75 & motion was passed.

Jerry Schuh’s Sportsman’s Bar is having a poker run today starting at 11 a.m.

Walleye Lodge Bar & Grill is also having a fundraiser for the Pickerel Fire & Rescue today starts at 1 p.m. intel 5 p.m. music, meat raffles, basket raffles, 50/50, cornhole tournament, dunk tank, egg toss, chili & desert cook off.

White Lake Atv club wants us to consider 1 huge one day fundraiser for all 3 clubs preferably in the spring (white lake, wolf river riders, & Parrish highlanders). Then all the clubs would share cost & responsibility of the fundraiser, & not be competing for certain weekends for all the individual club fundraisers. The club debated that the club don’t need any more money, for the fact that we don’t have equipment or buildings, so why bother with it. On the other hand, the club could invest in tractor, more signage & better trail maintenance since we do get reimbursed for it. It was also mentioned that if we plan this all winter, advertise this, & hold it before Memorial Day might draw a better crowd because between Memorial Day & Labor Day every weekend there are about 4 to 8 events going on.

After much debate, the club made a motion for not this coming spring but possibly next spring to do this.


Hummer is donating the water tank to the club for dust control on the trails. It was mentioned that we don’t know if the new owner is going to let us store the water tank there & let us get water for the shower house, like we have in the past.


We also discussed changing our membership forms.

The ones we have right now has where you can request newsletters emailed or mailed. The club hasn’t made newsletters in years, so we made a motion to change them, motion was approved. It was also mentioned that we could email the members the meeting minutes. Although they are available on the wolf river riders atv club webpage.


The Lion’s club is hosting a Hero’s Dinner at the St. Mary’s Church on November 11th, all funds will go to an honor flight. RSVP

This will be the last club meeting this year.

October 3rd is the club appreciation day/club ride/dinner

Group will meet & leave Country Inn in Pickerel at noon to enjoy the fall colors.

Returning to Country Inn before 3:45 (when the game starts)

Half time – Country Inn will be serving either a Chicken Dinner or Lasagna Dinner to include salad and dessert for $10 per person.

How many members are attending?

So far 2.

Motion was made to adjourn. Motion was granted.


The club is always looking for new members & new board members.

Joanne Spencer will be stepping down as secretary so we will have an opening.

Thank you for all your time Joanne, we truly do appreciate all the work you have done!

She enjoyed helping the club, but it’s just getting too overwhelming.

Thank You to everyone that helped the club, one way or another it’s greatly appreciated.



August 21,2021

The meeting was called to order by President Jamie Prouse, July minutes weren’t read

No membership report was given; Jamie did note membership was up this year.

Jan Fischer gave treasurer’s report

Trail Report:

  • The Forestry Department dropped off gravel for our club to use on the trails.
  • The Summit Lake trails have been cleared.
  • Gates & posts will be used on the trail that crosses Mallitz property, hopefully preventing trucks & other vehicles from using the trails.
  • Jack Andraschko & Keith Verhagen completed fixing the gate at Pickerel Dam Rd. The partial gate is now permanent & the erosion problem was solved.

Old Business:

  • Hummers Benefit—7:00pm
    • Our club still needs volunteers to help—contact Jamie if you can help out
    • A lot of raffles: deck of cards raffles for higher ticket items, basket raffles
    • Our club will donate 2 hats, bandanna, & free membership form for a basket raffle
    • Motion was made & approved for Jamie to use $200 of club funds as start up money for the food stand, then it will be returned to the club after stand closes
  • Fall Club Color Ride
  • Because of the Packer game on Sunday, it was decided to have the trail ride tentatively set for October 3
  • Jamie will check with Country Inn to see if this is feasible:
  • Group will leave Country Inn at noon to enjoy the fall colors
  • Returning to Country Inn before 3:45 (when the game starts)
  • Half time – Country Inn will be serving either a chicken dinner or a lasagna dinner to include salad & desert for $10 per person

New Business:

Lynn Verhagen noted that the DNR has been sitting by Pickerel Lake Road by the public boat landing.

She also noted that atvs/utvs aren’t allowed on any state highway, although it has been observed that some are riding State Hwy. 55 mainly between A & Pickerel Lake Rd.

After much discussion , In order to keep our trail system open, We will make signs 11 x 14 posterboard to display at all local businesses. The posters will remind riders of the most common state ATV/UTV laws that aren’t being followed. Jamie will work with Pioneer Express to get the posters made.

Next Meeting is September 18th at Schuh’s at 9:00 A.M.



July 19th meeting was held at Final Lap bar at 9:00 a.m.

30 people attended.

July 9, the Wolf River Riders donated the check for $475 to the Forest County Humane Society, which was half of what was donated back to the club from the Schuh’s Atv/Utv poker ride.

The gates were open by the bridge on Pickerel Lake Dam Road. Vehicles are going over the bridge again, so we are trying to shut the gate partially & to rig it up so only off-road vehicles can cross. GPS Google is still saying that it is a road, Jack, Keith, and Jamie are in the process of trying to fix that.


These 3 Atv Clubs: Wolf River Riders, Parrish Highlanders, White Lake & Pel-Cho Mudd Nutz;

are doing a fundraiser for Hummer & his medical bills.

The fundraiser is August 27-29, which is the weekend before Labor Day.

There will be a 3 Day Poker Run, Basket Raffles, 50/50 Raffles, Meat Raffle & Food.


(To be discussed yet) October 17th, the club might have a Sunday afternoon end of season ride, get together & food.

 Membership report 8 new members this month.


Next Meeting will be on August 21, at 9:00 a.m. at Debi’s Northern Firelite Supper Club.



The June 19, 2021 meeting was held at longshot’s bar at 9 a.m.

We have 5 new members & 102 total club members. Dan Wierschke seconded the membership report.

Jamie showed off the apparel that was available. The Spring orders were all completed May 21st. The Fall orders will be available in September.

The club raised $2,099 on the Memorial weekend, which half will be donated to Pickerel Rescue squad & half us the club keep.

Jamie Prouse (president) presented the check to Lynn verhagen (Pickerel Rescue squad member) for total amount of $1,050.

An anonymous person who won the $950 on the Schuh’s ATV- UTV Poker Ride, was nice enough to donate it back to the club, half we will be donated to Forest County Humane Society.

Jamie stated that $1,500 that we raised so far this year from fundraising should be good for this year. Everyone in attendance agreed, this is going towards the signage of the county roads last year.

We all agreed not to have any club fundraisers on holiday weekends.

Jan mentioned to get the trail by Walleye turned into memorial trail for Marty/Wanda. (Bobby Birschbach)

Dan Wierschke motioned it &  Lynn Verhagen seconded it.

Jamie motioned to donate $100 for a hole at the Mike Pomasl Memorial Golf Outing. Everybody agreed.

Jamie made a motion to make a donation to the Lion’s Cub Golf outing. Everyone seconded it.

 We also talked about who also made the donation boxes for the club, which he always does for nothing. Jamie made a motion to donate $50 to him, we all agreed.

 The club now has their own credit card for club business.

 Members stated that there is a lot of ATV/UTV traffic on highways that are not open especially HWY 55. We could put up more signs, though it probably won’t help.

 ATV/UTV wreaking private food plots are risking the trail being shut down between Pickerel Lake Road & Hummers mainly. Club needs to put up a snow fence, which we hope will eliminate this problem & keep our trails open.

 Please Respect our trails & property owners, Help keep our trails open.

 Saturday June 26th is the Northwoods Poker Run sponsored by Parrish Highlanders & Fischer’s Bar if anybody is interested. Trail ride/ Demos

 The next meeting is at Deb’s Northern Firelite Supper club on July, 17 at 9 a.m.