2018 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting was called to order by Jack at 9:01

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Minutes of the last meeting were not read, but are available on line, because of the vacant secretary’s position.

Membership report was read and approved. – Suggestion to contact business owners for associate membership. Motioned and approved.

Trail report-

-posted speed limit signs and slow down signs

-Signs were put up for the trail closures

- Old trail Is temporarily open for two weeks until new trail opens , also hayfield may close if people are not staying on the trail. Talked about signing the field.

-Contact business owners to stress people stay on trail and obey signage

- Contacted Forestry Dept about culvert - $600.00 cost

- Talked about Bo getting injured while working on new trail

- Working with homeowners on Lost Lake trail

- Putting up new donation boxes and new maps and posting trail maps at intersections

Trip Planning

Possible Wabeno trip after next meeting

Sept Popple River Trip and Oct night Ride

New Business

Should make signs to put in Businesses to promote joining the club

  • Talked about club apparel and making business cards
  • Talk to County about dropping ordinance and Talk to other counties to see how they got roads opened
  • White lake ATV Club is looking for help with a Veterans ride on Aug 11th
  • June 2nd ATV/UTV event at Hummers, putting up a table for the club with membership cards, apparel and business card.

Motion to adjourn, approved

Respectfully submitted by:

Jennifer Day – Fill in secretary

Transcribed by Mike Glasheen


The April, 2018 meeting of the Pickerel Pearson Wolf River Riders was call to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Jack Andraschko.

September meeting minutes were read by Mary Ann Wierschke. Motion by Dan Wierschke to accept the minutes, and second by Paula Luebke. Motion carried. The minutes were approved as read.
Treasurer’s report was given by Jan Fischer:
Checking Balance $8026.21
Savings Balance $ 9003.45
Motion by Hummer to approve treasurer’s report as read, and second by Dan Wierschke. Motion carried.

Membership report:
27 Families
13 Singles
7 Business/Associates

Trail report was given by Dan Wierschke:
• The property owners of the trail between Cty Hwy T and Hummer’s are expressing concern that they want that section of trail closed. That situation is being worked on by Hummer and Jack.
• Jack will again approach the land owner of the new trail connecting Forest Road and the county land, if he will reconsider his decision to close the trail.
• The Forestry Department will contact our club when they are ready to sign the new trail to Summit Lake. Jack will then get helpers involved with the signage
• The Langlade County Board’s Highway Committee has passed a motion that any requests to open county highways can only be submitted during their September Meeting.
o That means our hands are tied until September for the following requests:
 Cty Hwy DD - which would connect Forest County to Pickerel
 Cty Hwy T – which would give access to Longshots, and Trailside
 Cty Hwy TT – which would give access to Hummer’s, Augustyne Springs, White Lake, etc in the event that we can’t get the private landowner to reconsider opening the trail.
• If you don’t agree with this, or want things changed, and are a tax paying property owner in Langlade County, here’s how you can help. Please give the County Board Highway Commission committee a call; Remember: Langlade County promotes their agenda as “County of Trails.”
 Highway Commissioner- Brian Braun 715-267-6272
 County Board Highway Committee Members:
• Chair—Richard Hurlbert 715-623-2976
• Arlene Bonacci 715-627-4619
• Joseph Novak III 715-623-2668
• Pete Pennings 715-623-4317 cell: 715-216-2338
• Richard Schuh 715-275-3882
• Richard Wiegert 715-216-1767
• New maps are being worked on; therefore we need to get firm trails/routes in place in order to have the most accurate map possible


Election of Officers:
President- Jack Andraschko volunteered to remain in same office
Vice President- Larry Schisel (Hummer) volunteered to remain in same office
Treasurer – Jan Fischer volunteered to remain in same office
Membership – Mike Glasheen volunteered to remain in same office
Secretary – need to fill
Board Members (5)
Glen Yeager – will remain
Jeff Peterman – will remain
Curt Haga - new member
Garth Luebke – new member
Jamie Prouse – new member
Trail Boss – Keith Verhagen
Ride Coordinator – Jamie Prouse
Website Coordinator – Sheila Yeager
Facebook Page Coordinator – Mary Ann Wierschke

Jack expressed a big thank you to all those who volunteered to fill these positions. He also stated the Secretary position needs to be filled.
Duties are: Attend monthly meetings take notes
Compose minutes
e-mail minutes to Membership chair, who will e-mail to all members
e-mail minutes to Website Coordinator for publication on website

• There is a bill in Madison, waiting for approval stating if a State Highway goes through a town or township and the marked speed limit is 35 mph or less, that highway can be approved for an atv route. Footnote: This bill has passed

Next Meeting:
May 19 - 9:00 am pm at Hummers.

Dan Wierschke made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Hummer. All in favor. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Club Officers:
President: Jack Andraschko 715-484-2621 pandras@dwave.net
Vice-Pres: Lil Hummer 715-484-4413 lil.hummers@hotmail.com
Treasurer: Jan Fischer 715-489-3403 janjerryfischer@yahoo.com
Membership: Mike Glasheen 920-422-1511 mglashe@sbcglobal.net

Board Members:
Curt Haga 262-385-7398 chaga@wi.rr.com
Garth Luebke 715-216-6113 PJLSPLACE@hotmail.com
Jeff Petermann 262-689-3507 ltpeto164@sbcglobal.net
Jamie Prouse 920-840-7572 mr.cdl2007@yahoo.com
Glen Yeager 715-848-1106 sheilay@charter.net

Club Supporters:
Website Sheila Yeager 715-848-1106 sheilay@charter.net
Trail Boss: Keith Verhagen 715-484-7188 dragonverhagen@aol.com
Ride Coordinator: Jamie Prouse 920-840-7572 mr.cdl2007@yahoo.com

2018 Business Associate Members:
Antigo Yamaha
Century 21 Northwoods
Lil Hummer’s Hide-a-Way
Mole Lake Casino
Spencer’s Country Store
Team Winnebagoland
Vern’s of Antigo